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Qigong and 5 Element Work Manual

The Art of Having Better Days

A 75 page work book with theory, reflective questions and QR codes leading to videos of Elemental Qigong practices.
If you want to explore the Oriental Medical way of living your life - more in touch with Nature and your own Nature - then this book is for you.

Based on years of study, days of retreat, participant experience and the ancient wisdom of oriental medicine, this book gently explores how you live you life, day by glorious day. We can live in accordance with the rythms of the day or fight against it. Often this is just a case of stopping, stilling ourselves and reconnecting with an internal knowing of what is right for us.

Here is a link to the ebook.

You can also download a PDF of the contents or pay £30 plus P&P as a bound and printed, full-colour copy. Please Contact me to order your copy.
Here is a link to a PDF showing the contents of the book.

Click Here to see a Sample Chapter.


February 2024 Newsletter

Here is the most recent Qigong for Wellness Newsletter


Qigong with Colour Medicine

Click Here for some Qigong with colour medicine.

Resources. Wonam Tai Chi meadow

Qigong and Cleansing our energy

Click here for a video where I speak about cleansing at a cellular level and some Qigong!!

Qigong and the Late Summer season

Click Here for a video of Qigong for the season of Late Summer when the element of Earth is abundant.

Qigong for the Shoulders.

This is a short Qigong form to help with rehab after shoulder injuries or to address shoulder discomfort caused, for example, by lots of time on the computer! Find it here.
Let me design a personal Qigong form for you so you gain max benefit from your practice! Contact me.

Iron Bridge Qigong

I learnt this form whilst in Thailand and it is very popular with participants. Specifically, I teach it on a Monday 9.30 UK time - online.

Please find the video here.

Resources. woman

Taiji Qigong Shibashi Two

Shibashi Two Qi Gong is a form I teach on a Wednesday morning online. Contact me for details.

An Introduction to Online Qigong sessions

Introduction: Online Qigong)

June 2022

Qigong for the Eyes

A short Qigong form to benefit the Eyes. For the video Click Here.


Qigong for shock and grief recovery

Click here for an example of Qigong for shock and grief. When we suffer a loss, we need to 'close shop'for a while.

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