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Qigong Classes

Qigong classes are online.
Beginners are always very welcome

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Weekly Qigong Classes Online

Online 40 minute Qigong for Wellness sessions

Unless otherwise stated, these sessions last for 40 minutes and are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

9.30 Monday: Seasonal Qigong with Esther Mason

A session related to the season!
The Qigong will be in line with the Qi which is present at this time of year so that we can do the best for our body and mind.

9.30 Tuesday: The 18 moves of Shibashi One or Two. 

As is the case with all Qigong, these forms are very adaptable, however, once learnt, can be slightly more demanding than other Qigong forms - they are particularly good for strength and circulation in the lower body and for heart health.

9.30 Wednesday: The Eight Brocades or Fragrant Buddha Qigong and Do-In

General all round forms which can be adapted in many ways to suit the group or to bring our practice in line with the time of year.


Please CONTACT ME. for more information and to book.

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Mindful Day Retreats Online

Extraordinary Ordinary Day Retreats happen regularly online. The next day is Saturday 21st September 24.


Use 4 sessions of supportive Qigong, meditation, journal writing and group sharing to explore this season and how to use it's gifts wisely. Generally, a chance to nurture yourself. We meet when Qi is most potent according to the Oriental day clock (Organ Clock).


We will gently reflect in a supportive environment and enjoy group and solo practices.

The day aims to bring us into the present moment and appreciate the beauty of life as well as complexities. We create a day long community with the addition of regular reminders to be still, go slow and let your spirit catch up.

You can see more detail HERE


"I have an insight into the small details of my day which brings me energy and frees up my time. For example, if I sign up for courses in the afternoon, I never attend!! I realise this is Water element time - a time when I need to step back - not reach forwards. Energetically, I feel better informed about myself"

"For me the metaphor for the Yin Fire time of the evening is the best meal I could cook myself - what are the best ingrediants and how do I cook them together. Could be a film, chat with family..whatever it is I need to receive, not have to effort outwards"

Price £45
All the days include:

4 sessions of online:

  • Qigong
  • Journalling and Meditation
  • Insight into Oriental Medicine and how we can use it in daily life

    What past participants said:

"Since I have been attending these retreat days, I have felt more integrated with my surroundings and I want to build on that - thats what drew me here today"

"With an awareness of the dayclock and the investigation into what is right for me at different times, I seem to have got it right! 7 to 11 is when I work and when I pause to ask is this what brings me satisfaction? My answer is Yes!"

"It was like a holiday!"


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